What is WeatherWorks?

WeatherWorks is a nationally recognized private meteorological consulting firm that has dedicated more than 25 years researching and innovating products for the snow and ice industry. We like to think of ourselves as your one stop shop for gathering all the necessary weather data you need throughout the year. Our services have been designed specifically for the snow and ice industry. Our climate studies give you a competitive edge during pre-season planning and bid submission, weather forecasts and storm alerts in select markets to keep you ahead of storms and clients happy and the nation’s only accurate post storm documentation that is zip code verified by a meteorologist.

Available Services

  • Snowtistics™ / Snow Climatology reports to evaluate average snowfall, extremes, event data, and seasonal variability so that you can competitively price bids.

  • Certified Snowfall Totals™ - zip code resolution of post storm totals reported to the nearest tenth of an inch. Our service supports both per inch and seasonal contracts!

  • Meteorological consultation and site-specific past weather reports to assist with unfortunate insurance claims and cases that develop during a winter season.

  • Weather Forecasting and Storm Alert services (In select US Markets)

How Does WeatherWorks Work?

Customers can sign up for individual services like Certified Snowfall Totals™ online or request a proposal for an all-inclusive weather service package containing forecasts, alerts, consultation and post storm accumulation totals. Certified Snowfall Totals is a 24/7 web based service containing a complete post storm summary for each winter storm event. All post storm snow and ice data is collected by WeatherWorks from a vast number of networks, extensively reviewed and quality controlled by a professional meteorologist before published.

During the sign up process, you choose the unique zip codes that you service or require post storm event data. You will receive email notification (usually 24-48 hours after the conclusion of each storm event) for each state that you have zip codes. Login to retrieve your individual storm reports, view monthly / seasonal cumulative totals and/or recall post storm summaries for prior events. Supports print capabilities, PDF and Excel!

Why Use WeatherWorks During the ISO Process?

Some variety of rapidly changing weather conditions is always occurring in some portion of the nation every second. The success of a snow and ice management company is largely due to how they manage, plan, react, and follow up to the winter weather conditions they are influenced by on a daily basis. The relationships you build with your clients come mostly from trust and a consistent quality service. Our third party meteorological services are recognized, respected and utilized by some of the nation’s largest property owners.

If there is anything that we know and understand best, it is weather! Utilizing the services of WeatherWorks has been a valuable asset to snow and ice management companies for nearly 30 years, allowing them to minimize risk, increase efficiency and maintain safe operations. From pre-season bids to post storm reporting, our extensive snow and ice database will provide the competitive edge needed to produce the professional service property owners / managers desire.

Contact WeatherWorks

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Phone: 1-800-427-3456