What is CrewTracker Software?

CrewTracker Software is a business management software/process system designed specifically for the Snow and Ice Management Industry. The system has been designed and maintained under the direction of Certified Snow Professionals - CSP since its inception (What is a CSP?). Having a CSP review and assist in designing the way the system works helps ensure that the programs work the way the industry does, not force-fitting it into the way landscaping or pest-control software works. We know that the requirements for snow and ice management are unique, which is why we built a business management system specifically for snow and ice management.

CrewTracker Software has a wide variety of components that all tie together to provide a comprehensive system for managing aspects of your business. Some of these key features include:

  • Links to your accounting system to get information about your customers and to feed invoices, employee pay, and subcontractor bills into.
  • Easy entry of services to be performed including a vast variety of ways to calculate the price your customer will pay.
  • Easy creation of a route plan for what SHOULD occur during a winter event AND easy ways to deviate from the plan when problems occur in the field.
  • Multiple ways for field personnel to enter the performance of services. Mobile app (which include GPS tracking and photo capability), IVR phone system (for people without smart phones), and a web portal all help your field people report in real-time and let everyone else know what is going on.
  • Customer portal allows a customer to view status of the services on their properties, even see the photos being taken as the services are being performed.
  • Invoice immediately – as soon as a service is completed the invoice can be reviewed and sent.
  • Documentation management – link your documents to a customer or sub contractor right in CrewTracker so you’ll never lose track of them.
  • Documentation of communications with customers or sub contractors– allows you to write notes about communications and document follow-ups for other people to be reminded of.
  • CRM – allows you to document your prospecting efforts – both for potential customers and for potential sub contractors.
  • And much more…..

How Does CrewTracker Software Work?

The processes in CrewTracker are broken down into logical steps based on when the activity is usually performed.

  • Easy set up of services on properties including pricing.
  • Easy set up of crews – equipment – including pay for sub contractors and employees
  • Easy route plan creation - by zone – by map – by crew.
  • Creation of site map documents
  • Extensive reporting
  • Prospecting CRM
  • Extensive help and  videos for training
  • Document linking
  • Web Portal helps everyone know what is in-process or complete, even customers
  • Mobile app allows field people to report services – take photos – know who is where.
  • IVR allows entry of services from ANY phone.
  • Office managers see service details in real-time.
  • Can run job cost analysis at any time during an event to see profitability.
  • Documentation of customer complaints and actions taken to remedy.
  • 24/7 support during winter months
  • Immediate invoicing and vendor bills. As soon as the service is reported as complete – you can invoice it.
  • Storm Financial reporting so you’ll know where you make the most profit or where you don’t.
  • Employee payroll
  • Reporting on material usage planned versus actual.
  • Salt depot analysis – know where/when  shrinkage occurs



How Does CrewTracker Software Help Achieve ISO/9001 Certification?

When you review the ISO/SN9001 specifications you will see some very specific requirements for data gathering and documenting aspects of your business. We’ve put together a short list of some of the ways CrewTracker helps you in adhering to the specifications. These are all items that are specifically mentioned in the SN9001 specifications :

  • Pre-Season Site Inspection reporting – we provide the reporting on what should be done at each property and a way to document that the pre-season inspection was performed. You can also document services performed like property staking or pre-season preparation.
  • Post-Event and quality of service reporting – we’ll provide reporting on what services were completed, when and by whom for you to use in doing your post even audits.
  • Real-time documentation for services performed, incident reporting, GPS, photos, etc..  - we provide capabilities to document exactly what is being done in the field during the event. Anyone whom has been provided the right access to the web portal can see this documentation.
  • Field access to site requirements/plans created using GoiLawn – you create the site maps in GoiLawn and save the photos you create,. Then you link those photos inside CrewTracker and create the site requirements report. That report is then available to field personnel who use the mobile app or web portal.
  • Documentation of client communications – enter and maintain notes about any communication with anyone- customers, vendors, employees, prospects.
  • Import GoiLawn Estimates from their Proposal Builder Program – import a proposal from GoiLawn directly into CrewTracker to have it create the services to be performed. No re-typing errors. This includes property surface measurements.
  • Import certified event snow depths from WeatherWorks – we provide the ability to link to a WeatherWorks XLS file containing snow depths for an event by zip code. We then set the snow depths on the services performed on those properties so that pricing is correctly calculated and the depth shows the certified depths in the XLS file.

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