What is Go iLawn?

GoiLawn is the snow industry’s go-to resource for online property measurement. Go iLawn combines high resolution aerial photography and measuring tools in an easy-to-use application allowing contractors to accurately measure properties for snow and ice management estimates.

Go iLawn drastically reduces the time and expense associated with manual property measurement, allowing contractors to accurately measure more properties in less time.

Snow removal and landscape contractors also use Go iLawn generate snow and ice proposals, create snow services diagrams, and gather important information about the properties they plan to service.

With Go iLawn You Can:

  • Measure parking lots, sidewalks and roads
  • Determine equipment and material needs
  • Create your snow and ice management strategy
  • Prepare site diagrams explaining strategy to customers, office staff and crews
  • Generate professional proposals

How Does Go iLawn Work?

Go iLawn is a web-based application that is accessible online 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. To measure a property on Go iLawn, simply type in an address, business name or street intersection, and a high resolution property photo will be returned to you for measuring.

Users can measure any outdoor surface with Go iLawn’s tools to help prepare estimates and generate proposals. You can add, edit and delete measurements, save measurements to Excel, and save property photos as jpegs, all-the-while creating a snow strategy diagram outlining how you will service the property.

Use Go iLawn’s Tools To:

  • Measure important property features
  • Identify property obstacles
  • Label snow storage areas
  • Color-code areas of interest
  • Denote important property information
  • Group measurements by surface or equipment type for quick analysis of property features

Why Use Go iLawn During the ISO Process?

According to ISO.org, “The best reason for wanting to implement these standards is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of company operations”.

Go iLawn was designed to help snow and ice management contractors achieve exactly that- greater efficiency during the sales and estimating process. It also helps contractors effectively communicate their operations strategy and better manage the risks of snow and ice management for the property owner/manager.

Furthermore, it helps standardize estimating practices and property measurement versus manual property measurement. Using Go iLawn means everyone within an organization is measuring the same way, and they have something to show for it when they’re finished measuring.

With Go iLawn, users can export several resources from the site to obtain a record for what has been measured on the property, including color-coded, labeled photos, and an Excel spreadsheet with property measurements.

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