What is SnowFighters Institute?

SnowFighters Institute is a training facility in Erie, PA.  Snowfighters Institute was created to “forever pursue, research, and develop snow industry training”.  This is the first entity fully dedicated to educational pursuits as they pertain to the snow and ice management industry.  Here, snow contractors of all sizes gather to discuss specific topics pertaining to all aspects of managing and running a snow contracting operation in small group sessions which allows for interactive and often lively discussions.  


How does SnowFighters Institute Event’s work?

Events at SnowFighters Institutes are facilitated events they are not lectors.  Facilitators are there to help with the flow of information that comes from other participants as well as speakers and facilitators.  All events are extremely interactive and are designed to encourage participation from everyone in attendance.

Why Use SnowFighters Institute During the IOS Process?

The ISO Training Event has been a huge success and helps to keep the fear of the unknown out of the equation.   Those companies that have sent a representative to the training event have found that this event has helped them tremendously with their preparation.

In 2015, a new event will be added to the calendar, the ISO Internal Auditor Training Event.  As part of the ISO process, a company must conduct internal audits.  The company can conduct the audit themselves or they can contract the internal audit out to a consulting firm.  For those that wish to do their own internal audits, this event will give them the tools and training needed to have a better understanding of what the internal audit entails and how they should conduct their internal audit to ensure certification compliance.

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